Cheese lovers.

Are you exactly like me and automatically cursed at birth to be fat because you’re addicted to cheese? I. Love. Cheese. It’s melty, goey, hot, and when I eat anything savory- I want cheese to be smothered on top of it. This is my biggest downfall. Cheese is not.. bad for you, persay. It is, however, extremely fatty and basically useless in any nutritional aspect. Here’s an awesome recipe to try the next time you’re having a cheese feind:


1) Baked Mozzarella Sticks:


-Mozzarella (or any kind, really) cheese. (try to find some made with 2% milk. Less fat that way.)

– Bread crumbs (plain or with additional flavor of your choice)

– Egg whites (amount of egg whites depends on how many cheese sticks you’re making)

– Marinara or salsa for dipping



1) Cut your cheese into stick like strands (or balls, or whatever shape you want, really.)

2) Throw your cut cheese into the freezer for about a half hour (optional, but the sticks will be a lot less messy if you freeze them first)

3) Pour your egg whites into a bowl & your bread crumbs into a separate bowl. Dunk your cheese sticks into the egg whites, then into the bread crumbs, and place on an aluminum foil lined baking sheet.

4) Bake for 7 minutes at 350. WATCH THESE VERY CLOSELY. You want your cheesesticks to cook, but not to turn into an ooey gooey cheesey mess. (unless you do want them too, in which case, go right ahead!)

&VOILA! Baked cheese sticks that aren’t so bad for you. See? You can have your cheese and eat it too!

Found my recipe here:


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